The modern world dictates new requirements for companies that want to develop and become market leaders actively. One of these requirements is the position of social responsibility of the company. We decided to discuss with Vyacheslav An - the general manager the development and implementation of innovations in the cosmetology clinic "Charm."

Vyacheslav An - the general manager the development and implementation of innovations in the cosmetology

What is a socially responsible company?

Vyacheslav An: For me, a socially responsible company is a company that benefits society and the world. 

The first obligation such a company takes on is the care and development of its employees. The satisfaction of employees should be as crucial for the company as the company's financial efficiency. It is banal, but by investing and supporting our employees, we invest in the growth and capitalization of our business. 

As a general manager in developing and implementing innovations, my team implemented employee loyalty programs. We have developed a mentoring system where more experienced professionals help new employees join the team and master professional subtleties. 

Another brainchild of ours is the training center at the clinic. It works for all employees. Young professionals receive basic training, and more experienced ones - expand their knowledge and learn the latest market news and technological innovations.

We have also launched public speaking courses for everyone interested. This is an essential skill for communication with clients, training seminars in the training center, and contact with the media. 

When we take care of our staff, our employees feel it, and we can always be sure of their loyalty to our company. Hence, trust and reliability are necessary for the relationship between employees and employers. 

And what do you think about responding to customers?

Vyacheslav An: Responsibility to clients is a basic responsibility of any company. We must provide the best service and offer quality products to satisfy our clients with the final result. Moreover, our result is evident. 

We work with delicate matters and have no right to make mistakes, so we are cautious in shoring up our product line. We are constantly studying the latest innovations on the market, and we have our research center where we conduct experiments and work on new developments and proposals. Our specialists attend specialist training seminars in Russia and other countries. 

What do you think about "non-core" social responsibility, i.e., the one that doesn't actually bring in income?

Vyacheslav An: I think any business is not only about money; it should leave a mark. The business has to be useful to society. This is why I'm for the support of different social programs. 

For example, under my initiative, the operating room in children's hospital N3 in my native city of Novosibirsk was reconstructed. There was a complete repair in the ward, we replaced double-glazed windows, heating systems, and electric wiring. We purchased new lighting equipment, sterilizers, and air cleaning and disinfection systems. I am happy that the children whose parents cannot afford medical care in private medical institutions are now receiving timely, high-quality medical care. 

Since 2010 we have been implementing an ongoing charity program to help children and adult patients diagnosed with paresis. Such patients can receive free surgical care from the best medical experts at the "Charm" clinic. We also provide the necessary follow-up rehabilitation. We have great experience in this area, as we have many clients with this diagnosis. This program is a unique offer on the market, which has saved more than hundreds of patients from this unpleasant ailment. It makes people happy and inspires us to do new projects and achievements. 

And, of course, I can't forget to mention the participation of the employees of the "Charm" clinic in the marathon against breast cancer. The registration fees for the race are donated to the International Breast Cancer Foundation. Running 5 km is not much, and it is not clear how it can be beneficial. But in the history of the race, more than 4 million euros have already been collected in different countries. All the money raised goes to fight the disease of the modern world. 

Social responsibility is a question of a company's active social position. If a business sees that it can help and feels the need to do a good deed - why not?

For information: Vyacheslav An is a successful manager who gained experience in difficult post-Soviet times as a director of large industrial enterprises. Today Vyacheslav An is the general manager for developing and implementing innovations in the cosmetology clinic "Charm." Flexibility and a constant search for innovative solutions are the secrets to the success of all of Vyacheslav's projects.